Княжье озеро House

Adam Bresnick, principal architect

Dennis Barsukov, local architect

Alejandro García Fernández, team architect and landscape design
Miguel Peña Martínez-Conde, team architect

Antonio Romeo Donlo, team architect

Maria Montoya Fernandez, team architect



A pre-existing pedestrian «Tudor» styled house is completed renovated inside and out, with a large addition providing for complementary uses and service spaces. This prismatic barn-like volume marks the northern boundary of the site, buffering the house from the neighbors while creating an entrance cortile with parking for 5 cars, with service apartment above. As this gabled volume extends back into the lot it encloses leisure spaces: a double height billiard room, striped glass mosaic tile swimming pool complete with jacuzzi and Russian banya. The pool opens to the south, and to the generous backyard.


The interior distribution is clearly articulated by the triple height stair hall in the center…a layers space that folds in on itself as it rises.  On the ground floor the more public spaces are interconnected in a flowing ring around the stair at the core: in a clockwise direction: entrance hall, living room, music room, breakfast room, family kitchen, cooking kitchen, dining room. The plan is at once functional and aesthetic, with the living room with a soaring cathedral ceiling. Connection to the addition contains the home cinema, and small dance studio.


The stair leads on the first floor to the master bedroom suite, two children’s bedrooms, and another 2 bedrooms on the second level, carved out from underneath the roof which previously was uninhabitable.


A pallet of natural stone marks the ground level of the house, with Spanish crema marfil marble tiles marking each space, the geometry of the room carefully delimited by emperador light marble borders with a contrasting stripe of Armani grey. In the living room, a backlit onyx fireplace glows in the tall space, bringing the scale down to the family that gathers around the fire. The upper floors and stair contrast with stained oak floors, it’s material warmth a contrast to the heated floors of the ground level. Contemporary Italian furniture in a warm pallet of colors finish the space.


Custom made doors, closets and baseboard moldings finish each space, further articulating each and every room.


The garden design extends each room to the yard, coordinating interior with exterior by extending views, geometries and lighting. The materials of the exterior work with a coordinated scheme of darker beiges, from the handmade French brick used to articulate pilasters and columns to the shingled roofs that crown the whole. Ukrainian green granite connects the house to the ground, a plinth to transition to the garden. Cobblestones of the same granite are used to pave the entrance court, and tile the entrance porch and back veranda.