La Capilla de Brihuega



This chapel rehabilitation is for a new typology—a multi-purpose space for events—ranging from formal weddings to yoga retreats. The reconstruction involved resolving the complex pathologies suffered by the original structure since being abandoned in 1969.


The philosophy guiding the intervention was to respect time’s passing. From the exterior the stone facades were repointed, traditional tile eaves restored, and stone moldings left with their worn faults (including the original scarred Palladian entrance.


On the interior, three distinct areas are articulated: the refurbished dome where the original space is restored; the entrance into the nave is a mix of archaeological remains; and new construction cantilevered over the space, minimally touching the original. The fallen vaults that once covered this space are recalled by a new vaulted ceiling of pine slats. Plaster moldings cut out over the bare masonry of the original wall also mark the shapes of the original vaults. The last third occupying the old choir area houses all modern uses, from the elevator allowing for handicapped access to all levels, to restrooms, kitchen, staff, and storage areas. This four-story structure is inserted within the stone walls, a skylight in the stair accentuating its conceptual separation from the original container.


The materials used are the same as the original: beige marble main floor, white paint on the plaster moldings, pine slats on the ceiling and to enclose the modern choir that floats within the volume of the nave.


Adam Bresnick, principal architect
Miguel Peña Martínez-Conde, team architect
Antonio Romeo Donlo, team architect


Juan de la Torre Calvo, EUTECA structural engineering
Ana Fernández-Cuartero Paramio, EUTECA structural engineering
Olga Vallespín Gómez, archaeologist


Joaquín Fernández González, construction coordinator
Federico Vega Ortega, clerk of the works
José de Andres Abad, industrial engineering


José Lucas Hernández, Joyluc, main contractor
Alberto Martínez Gamboa, construction foreman
Mariano del Olmo, Steel structure and metalwork
TMC, Técnicas y Mantenimiento del Centro, HVAC
Incom Pastor, crema marfil marble
Hermanos Esteban, wooden carpintry
Tabernero de Andres, electricity
Ecoaneva, Circular chandelier