Miriñaque chandelier, Truville. Moscow

Dress Lamp Truville

Adam Bresnick, Miguel Peña, Antonio Romeo, María Montoya - ANEVA

Miriñaque chandelier


Adam Bresnick

Miguel Peña Martínez-Conde

Maria Montoya Fernandez

Antonio Romeo Donlo



Like the crinoline assemblies that traditionally structured women’s gowns, this chandelier is a system. Inspired in fashion, it alternately hangs 17 angled Plexiglas hoops from steel cables, then weaves them together with fiber optics studded with Austrian crystal faceted beads. Just reaching 9 meters long, at its widest it measures of 1,67m, while the 2820 faceted crystals create a fascinating play of refracted light.


This vertical assemblage activates the curved space of the stair; whose solid walnut banister is backlit with LED strips. Beige onyx medallions stud the wrought iron stair handrail, their mineral structure again playing with the crystal orbs.


manufactured by ECONANEVA SL.