Lopukhinsky apartment

Adam Bresnick, principal architect

Miguel Peña Martínez-Conde, team architect

Antonio Romeo Donlo, team architect

Maria Montoya Fernandez, team architect

Ignacio Valero, lighting design consultant



A large apartment in a historic Moscow apartment building is articulated with new distribution taking advantage of views and light. Daytime spaces—kitchen, dining and living room open look to the street and the great view, while nighttime spaces–master bedroom and second bedroom face onto the interior courtyard. From the front door the circulation spaces act as a sequence of «plaza» (entrance hall) to «street» (corridor) to «plaza» again (a smaller vestibule leading to the second bedroom and laundry room).


A motif of elliptical panels distinguishes doors to rooms from paneled walls and closets, and also marks the master bathroom floor in Yugoslavian white marble and Spanish crema marfil. Local symmetries mark each space, and form a neutral and peaceful home in the busy city.