Madison Park family house

Madison Park house and pavilion


Adam Bresnick, principal architect

Dennis Barsukov, local architect

Maria Montoya Fernandez, team architect

Alejandro García Fernández, landscape design
Miguel Peña Martínez-Conde, team architect

Antonio Romeo Donlo, team architect


This project for an existing main house and newly built pavilion in the Moscow suburb Novy Riga seeks to take advantage of the possibilities of the house while adding a volume to incorporate complementary uses. A dialogue is established between the 2 architectures.


The geometry of the new pavilion is born from the first, aligning with it yet does not slavishly follow its lead: it’s roof is a folded origami articulating the interior of both the one story glazed swimming pool, and crowning the billard room on the upper level. The pavilion also provides a guest room, caretakers quarters, and gym.


To further the dialogue the exterior materials and colors are related, with the pavilion taking on the black roof of the existing house, while beige stucco and black slate relate both facades. The diagonal folding of the roof plane is responded to by the handrails of the terraces of the main house, a lacy detail, that is then more fully understood on the pavilion balconies and interior stair.


The architectures speak to each other, the main house a more restrained sequence of traditional spaces contrasts with the more open and continuous spaces of the pavilion. Pattern is used to make this contrast: slab marble is used in main house bathrooms, and the exotic onyx fireplace, while 3 types of marble tile (crema marfil, emperador dark and light) are used in the pavilion in different combinations to mark each space. In the pool basin chevron checked mosaic glass tile in white and ochre provides a visual dazzle furthered by the waters reflections.


The garden design is a green carpet that further enhances the relation between both structures, granite walkways meander thru the grass, linking on to another. Carefully placed trees and shrubs highlight views.