Skolkovo apartment



Adam Bresnick, principal architect
Miguel Peña Martínez-Conde, team architect

Antonio Romeo Donlo, team architect

Maria Montoya Fernandez, team architect


This apartment for a young family maximizes natural light, from 6 large north facing windows. The entrance hall delimited by a graphic 3D wallpaper leads to a great room: 8 x 8 meters that provides a zoned and generous space: from cooking to dining, from seating to reading. A pallet of natural materials articulates the space, creating local symmetries that make the space at once modern yet traditional. The pair of columns are clad in aspen slats, a warm contrast to the poured-in-place concrete kitchen bar, the flamed finish black granite island, and the grey Persian marble floor tiles. Indirect lighting further zone different areas of the room, with pendant lights providing dramatic accents. The sawn oak floorboards also mark their materiality, a warm texture and material unifying the large spaces.


Bathrooms are similarly composed of Spanish crema marfil marble, cut into triangles with accenting walls in Persian grey marble or black negro marquina. In the master bathroom an onyx mosaic tile «carpet» centers the space, lending scale and material detail to the space.


Each room incorporates built-in furniture to further articulate the uses: window seats in both the daughter’s bedroom, and home office desk and shelves, closet fronts also in the same aspen wood warm the spaces providing scale and materiality.


Gropius door hardware echoes the prismatic forms of the architecture, in another detail that creates a coherent whole.


Builder: Marik

illumination: Centresvet

Carpentry: Neywood

Kitchen: Atlasluxe