Truville family house



Adam Bresnick, principal architect

Maria Montoya Fernandez, team architect

Antonio Romeo Donlo, team architect

Miguel Peña Martínez-Conde, team architect


An existing house is fitted out to accommodate a large family using a classical language with curves and details. A curvilinear stairwell within a rounded triple height space is the heart of the project, as it wounds around a custom made and produced chandelier. This spiraling space vertebrates the circulation and provides a common area connecting all spaces, from the public spaces for communal family life on the ground floor to the bedrooms, home office and family room on the first and second floors. The importance of this interior volume is emphasized by the 9 meter chandelier of fiber optics and Austrian crystal, and the onyx medallions in the handrail. The sequence of spaces is articulated at the head by the indoor pool, in glass mosaic tile, through the the rising spiral of the stair all the way to the tail of a sky lit chill out TV room tucked under the eaves.


Golden details glow throughout the whole: brass inlays in the doors, Philip Jeffries wallpaper in the dining room, living room and master bath, glass tiles in the pool and bathroom, onyx as transom lights over ground floor doors and circular medallions in the handrail, as well as the sink in the guest bathroom.